The Art of Drawing

This month we feature the drawings of Farit Alvare. Farit is a security guard at St. Francis Center in Los Angeles. Originally from Peru, Farit says his art reflects his mood. “If I am happy, my art reflects that.” These drawings are submissions for a mural St. Francis Center is planning. Read the interview below to learn more about Farit.

Where did your inspiration for this mural come from?
I wanted to convey everything that St. Francis has given to me and the community. St. Francis center has been a source of love and life to all. It has been a gift from God, and a constant reminder to love thy neighbor.

What are your hopes for someone who comes across this mural?
I want to emit emotions such as joy, tranquility, peace, happiness, and most importantly hospitality.

What positive impact has St. Francis Center made on you?
St. Francis Center has given me the opportunity to carry out two meaningful things that I hold of great significance. The first being able to provide protection and security to our guests and staff. The second is gifting me the ability to help those in need.


Farit is not the only artist at St Francis Center. David Cho, a local LA Artist and guest of St. Francis Center is also artistically gifted. David has been an artist for 30 years. He works in many mediums including hand-drawing and digital art.

Having guests who share their gifts with us makes it clear that the “giving” goes both ways. We share our gifts of food, showers, spiritual companionship and our guests share their gifts from art and stories to volunteering and companioning others.

We are doubly blessed!