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Dinner Parties for Widows and Millennials – An All Soul’s Day Reflection
When you hear the word widow, what do you think of? Old ladies, spiders, the city of Nain, two copper pennies? Well, Amelia Nierenberg, a food writer for the New York Times, thinks of dinner! It is not as big a leap as it may seem. The idea that food soothes grief runs deep. It […]
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Is Bill Gates’ Daughter a Franciscan?
Haga clic aquí para Español Netflix is currently airing a three-part series on Bill Gates. It provides a great glimpse into a complicated man, his personal journey and his impact on society. At one point in the show, Bill describes becoming aware of the horrible physical, economic and social consequences polio has on the people […]
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Reflection: Serving Others as Brothers and Sisters
September 2019 The centerpiece of our Franciscan ministry is the Gospel and its call to be disciples of Christ by serving others, especially the poor, the forgotten, and the marginalized. ~ Franciscan Leadership Guide You probably know who painted at least one of these paintings, even though you may have never seen them before. How? […]
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Our Franciscan Story
Since the day of his death almost 800 years ago, the story of St. Francis of Assisi has captured the imagination of artists, theologians, musicians, and people of every faith. In our own time, the story of St. Francis continues to inspire Catholic men to religious life as Friars Minor (Lesser Brothers), as they place […]
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Office of Mission Integration and Ministry Support
The Office of Mission Integration and Ministry Support was established in January 2019 as a response to a changing world and the need for an increasing number of lay people to fulfill leadership roles in our ministries. Like other Orders who have reached this crossroad, we recognize the need to provide greater support, structure, education, […]
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