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What’s Running Got To Do With It?
Every morning Mark Benson gets out of bed, brushes his teeth, puts on his running shoes and heads out the […]
Holy Newness
Give me someone with Parkinson’s disease, cancer, or a stroke, I told my hospice supervisor, I just can’t handle another […]
The Generosity of Golfers and Monks
Brandon Mathews is a 25-year-old professional golfer. He was in a tie for the championship of the Argentine Open when […]
Utterly and Particularly Unique
When I was in my twenties, I met and became friends with a woman named Kate. She was fun and […]
How To Sell A Car, Franciscan-style
Did you know that it was during St Francis’ life, spurred by the growth of the merchant class, that money […]
Dinner Parties for Widows and Millennials – An All Soul’s Day Reflection
When you hear the word widow, what do you think of? Old ladies, spiders, the city of Nain, two copper […]
Is Bill Gates’ Daughter a Franciscan?
Netflix is currently airing a three-part series on Bill Gates. It provides a great glimpse into a complicated man, his […]
Reflection: Serving Others as Brothers and Sisters
September 2019 The centerpiece of our Franciscan ministry is the Gospel and its call to be disciples of Christ by […]