During the entirety of August, we celebrate St. Clare, one of St. Francis’ earliest followers, and the founder of the Poor Clare order of nuns. The name Clare means “light bearer” and whether you have a special connection to St. Clare, or no connection at all, we hope that you will find this 30-day series of short video reflections illuminating and inspiring.

St Clare of Assisi

Need some inspiration? Each month you will find a reflection here that we hope will inspire you and your ministry members. Feel free to share it!

St. Francis of Assisi and a Profound Intuition
God’s Fool ~ St. Francis of Assisi, by sculptor Frank C. Gaylord, Saints Peter and Paul Cemetery, Naperville, Illinois   […]
Not-so-Hidden Meaning
Sometimes I don’t see the obvious thing right in front of my face. Have you ever seen corporate logos with […]
Looking for a Boost? Try Nature!
We’re all probably well aware of the increasing amount of time we spend with technology, in traffic, on screens and […]
Holy Gossip – Elizabeth of Hungary
Time Magazine recently featured a story about how people gossip – and how gossip can be a good thing! Darleen […]
Rose of Viterbo – Speaking Truth to Power
In September we celebrate the feast day of St. Rose of Viterbo, a fearless Franciscan lay woman. Darleen Pryds of […]
How to Read Someone Like a Book
A neighbor of mine recently told me that the people living in the canyon below my home are all mentally […]
Introducing St. Francis Retreat Center, San Juan Bautista, California
St. Francis Retreat is a full-scale retreat and conference center, offering varied conference spaces, highly rated food service and dining […]
The Best of 2021 Franciscan-style
Inspiring. Challenging. Funny. Here are the books, TV shows, movies, and podcasts that some of our friars, ministry leaders and […]
Introducing Mission San Luis Rey, Oceanside, California
Mission San Luis Rey is a national historic landmark preserving educational and cultural sites including a museum, historic church, burial […]