The Art of Studio Art

The Art of Studio Art

This month features the art of Eusebio Cortez, a student at the Franciscan School of Theology in San Diego, California. A graphic designer by profession, Eusebio’s passion is studio art, especially watercolor, illustrations, and pen and ink sketches. Eusebio explains, “I think art is a gift and so I want to create – not to keep for myself or to gain attention but to put it out in the world for others.” Below are photos of Eusebio’s work along with his reflections on what he describes as the perfect color palette.

“I find the most inspiration in color. Color palettes of nature are perfect…God created them! Whether I’m doing a watercolor or a graphic design logo I always like to start with the colors. Even before an initial sketch, I think a lot about the colors and what will be vibrant and go well together.”


“For a still life, I most enjoy natural objects like plants, flowers, and fruit. I can look out a window or take a walk and see inspiration all around me. Especially in California, there are so many local plants and animals.”





“Studio art is my hobby, passion, and vocation. It’s what brings everything together and is the way of expressing spirituality, beauty, and whatever captures my imagination. Like a form of meditation, studio art is therapeutic and relaxing. I can really submerge into the creation process.”




“Learning about Dorothy Day I was inspired by her dedication to service. This still life drawing for her granddaughter, Kate Hennessey, was a way to give something of myself.”